From Disrupted to Disrupter

TIM SHEPHERD After spending over twenty years working with large corporates, it was time for me to embark on a new journey with a startup. Gone would be the big budgets, structured teams and time-tested processes, instead replaced with a mission and sheer willpower. Most of my corporate career was spent at large insurance companies. […]

Reduce Your Business Risks

  Running your own business can be rewarding. You get to follow your passion, choose who you work with and there is potential for higher financial returns. Being a business owner sounds irresistible with the flexibility, independence and freedom, however, there is a catch. There are risks and pressure. Apart from the financial risk of […]

Freelancers Hiring Freelancers: How to Use Subcontractors to Grow Your Business

Someone is hiring all the freelancers. It turns out that it’s often other freelancers using subcontractors to grow. You probably have read headlines about how the workforce is changing as more people go freelance. But it takes two to tango. My colleagues and I at Nation1099 have synthesized all the freelance statistics we can find, and we […]

Get Money in Your Pocket Sooner: 8 Tips to Improve Cash Flow

Cash flow is crucial for any business but especially important for small businesses and freelancers. To help you increase your cash flow, here are 8 tips that you can implement into your business immediately to help you get paid faster. 1. Manage Expectations with Clients from Day One Sometimes freelance designers are so excited to […]

Accounting for Small Business: How to Identify the Areas Slowing You Down

What is your accounting workflow? Whether you realize it or not, your small business has one… and it may not be as efficient as you think. At its most basic level, an accounting workflow is the movement of invoices, receipts and financial transactions through your business. In a small business, workflows usually grow organically over […]

Business Consultants – It’s Time to Invest in Cloud Accounting

Are you a business consultant? Learn how investing in the right cloud accounting solution can be the answer to a lot of your accounting, productivity and collaboration challenges. By Heather Hudson If you’re a business consultant, you’re a problem solver, relationship manager, project juggler, big-picture expert, truth-teller and savvy communicator. You need a direct line […]

Virtual teams – How to successfully work with people you have never met

Teamwork is something that a business needs to succeed. So how is it possible to build a growing brand and business with a virtual team? How do you flip the traditional business model into a virtual business model without losing the relationships? Well – I am so glad you asked. OK – so you didn’t […]

How Listening Can Lead To Loyalty

When was the last time you really listened to your clients, your customers, your suppliers, your contractors, your employees – and actually gave them what they really wanted?   Now, of course, everything within reason – I mean I would like a million dollars, a holiday to the Bahamas and also a house that cleans […]

How Business Leaders “Do It All”

By Naomi Simson “How do you do it all?” This is a question every woman leader seems to be asked, but this question is relevant for all busy people and all people who aspire to leadership. ‘Leadership’ can seem like a big word. Many people are reluctant to give themselves that title, fearing if they […]

Not looking after yourself? Tips to manage fatigue.

By Rachel Setti. Time is fast becoming our most precious commodity but is our struggle to maximise productivity undermining one of our most important neurological processes – sleep? Time seems to be an ever limited commodity in the busy, multi-faceted lives of small business owners. As a society, we are more connected than ever via devices […]