Our Marketing Approach

We believe sales success is largely determined by targeted and consistent MARKETING.

We are focused on what needs to happen at a strategic and operational level to drive your sales pipeline and win more business. We specialise in working with Small and Medium businesses facing the growing challenge of increasing sales volumes and value in competitive markets in a struggling economy.

We work closely and collaboratively with you to help you grow and win more business. Our reputation depends on our ability to deliver on each client engagement and ensures our commitment to client satisfaction.

Our focus is on the power of digital marketing via social media platforms to tap into local, national and international markets.

The Sales Funnel

We help you create and understand your Sales Funnel. It’s all about creating:

  • AWARENESS – Understanding the Market
  • LEADS – Creating interest in your business
  • PROSPECTS – Your ideal customers
  • SALES – Product and service excellence

All sales funnels have the same basic shape and characteristics – wide at the entry point and gradually narrowing as the prospect moves through it. Each funnel is similar, but no two are exactly the same. You have many options when it comes to working out the specifics.

We also identify your competitor’s Sales Funnels, not to replicate them, but to offer your prospects something unique that your competitors do not offer.